Hydration Tracker Water Bottles

Improve your water intake with the World’s No.1 hydration tracker water bottle.

Our tracker water bottles help you to monitor and improve your daily water intake for improved energy levels, better immune system, healthier skin, an aid to weight loss and much more.

Take the guess work out of good hydration

Track, monitor & improve

Drink more water and improve energy levels, boost your immune system, promote healthy skin, aid weight loss and much more.

Improve your hydration today, feel amazing tomorrow


Motivational water bottles with a timings on the back to help you drink smaller but consistent amounts throughout the day. Available in a range of different colours.


Our tracker bottles are BPA free as well as being rugged and tough. A fully reusable water bottle that reduces the amount of plastic bottles thrown away.

Flip up straw for easy sipping on the go
Silicone band for grip
Water tracker on reverse
Integrated straw
BPA free high grade Tritan® durable material

Sip for success

Premium water bottles that help you to drink more water by encouraging a consistent intake throughout the day.


  • Water timing chart
  • Motivational Bottle
  • BPA Free
  • Original Tritan® durable material
  • Helps improve hydration levels


You, but more beautiful. When you get the optimum amount of hydration, your skin glows, your hair shines and your body radiates good vibes! Our hydration tracker bottles put you in control, motivating you to drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Water promotes healthy hair growth, and aids in keeping it soft and easier to prevent splitting.


Dehydration is one of the worst causes of wrinkles, saggy and dry aged skin.


Increase alertness and reduce fatigue through regular and consistent hydration.


Speed up metabolism and reduce the mixed signals of hunger and thirst.

The HydrateM8 water tracker bottles will help you to drink the correct amount of water during the day thanks to our patented schedule on the back.

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From the very first sip of the day, to the last drop, your HydrateM8 is with you every step of the way.