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Hydration for Drivers

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It’s fair to say that life on the road can be tough. Whether you are a long-distance lorry driver, a formula-one racing driver or simply have a long commute to work each day, driving can take its toll on your body. Staying properly hydrated on your journey is key to fighting off feelings of fatigue and lethargy, preventing headaches and helping to keep your metabolism working as it should.

Drinking and Driving

According to a study published by Loughborough University back in 2015, dehydrated drivers are as dangerous on the road as drunk drivers. The tests were conducted on subjects who were only mildly dehydrated and those who were fully hydrated, with results showing that when the body is slightly lacking in moisture, driver errors increased by more than double the amount.

In comparison, those driving with a blood alcohol level just slightly over the legal limit were likely to make a similar number of mistakes on the road.

On-The-Road Hydration

The amount of water you should drink while driving varies considerably depending on how far you have to travel and how long you are sat at the wheel for. It is definitely a good idea to plan ahead, filling up your HydrateM8 tracker bottle before you leave and having it close to hand in a dedicated drink pocket to sip on as you drive.

If you have to make an inevitable service-station stop, it can be tempting to stock up on fizzy and caffeinated drinks, as well as all sorts of unhealthy snacks, but these only give you a short-term boost and can negatively hit your hydration levels. For this reason, it is also a great idea to pack a few nutritious snacks to enjoy on your pit-stops. Foods that are rich in hydration are best, such as cucumber sticks, watermelon slices and electrolyte-dense yogurts.

Electrolytes are readily available in many convenience drinks, but the body tends to digest these sources too quickly, deeming them unavailable for use. Choosing food sources rich in these components provides a much more suitable option for the body, which uses electrolytes to ensure your hydration efforts are used in the most efficient way. Combining good water-drinking habits with healthy sources of electrolytes will make for drivers that are alert, focused and less-likely to cause an accident.

Drinking All-Year Round

Maintaining good hydration habits is not just a summer issue, although you might feel the need to drink a little more water than usual when sitting in a hot car on a very warm day. However, it is important to drink plenty of water in the winter too. Although hot drinks can seem like a more comforting and inviting option, staying hydrated can help you maintain your body temperature so that you are more resistant to the cold. Get into the habit of always having a HydrateM8 bottle to hand in your car so that you never need to worry about whether you’ve had enough to drink.

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