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How to Stay Cool This Summer

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Even though many of us long for the sun in summer, we also struggle with the heat. So, knowing how to keep yourself cool in warm weather is vital.

The summers are becoming hotter and last longer, this can pose risks to our health, especially if we are ill-prepared. There are several things we can all do to prepare for the hot weather including choosing the right clothes to wear and eating the right food and drinks.

Things you can do to keep cool

·         Exercise first thing in the morning when temperatures are at their lowest

·         Plan any trips to avoid being out when the sun is at its peak

·         Choose loose-fitting, cotton clothes

·         Consume light meals like salads and sandwiches rather than hot, heavy meals

·         Drink cold drinks throughout the day and avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol

·         Wear a sun hat or carry a parasol to keep yourself shielded from the sun

·         Wear a high factor sun cream to protect your skin from being burnt by the sun’s rays

·         Use wet face cloths, water spray atomisers or handheld fans to help cool you down

What clothes should I wear in a heatwave?

Wearing the right clothing during a heatwave or in hot weather is beneficial as this can go a long way to keep you cool. Natural fibres like cotton and linen are excellent at keeping you cool in hot weather. They are breathable fibres which absorb perspiration better than synthetic fibres which can make you feel uncomfortable in the heat.

Another great thing about natural fibres is they are better for the environment because man-made ones like nylon or polyester use oil in their manufacture. You should also choose comfortable footwear like sandals to help stop your feet from sweating like they would in socks and shoes.

How to get a good night’s sleep in the heat

One thing many people struggle with during a hot spell is sleeping. If you find it difficult to sleep, it can make you feel sleepy during the day. Therefore, it’s vital to keep your home cool. If you’re looking for ways to stay cool in the heat, try:

·         Using a sheet rather than a duvet to sleep under

·         Use cotton bedding as that will help to keep you naturally cool

·         Open bedroom windows or use a fan to cool the air in the room

·         You may find it cooler to sleep downstairs, too, especially as heat rises so upstairs bedrooms or loft rooms may be the hottest in the house

Always keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is particularly important during hot weather to avoid heat exhaustion. You should drink little and often throughout the day to keep your fluid levels topped up. Don’t forget your body loses water when it’s hot, especially through sweat. So, replacing it through drinking water is essential.

Our Hydratem8 tracker bottles are perfect for helping you to monitor your hydration. They’re also great for vulnerable relatives like grandparents who may not drink enough water throughout the day.


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