How to Care for Your HydrateM8 Products

The key to reducing your plastic waste is to swap your disposable items for reusable ones. The wide range of HydrateM8 products will serve you well, but in order to get the longest life from your water tracker bottles, insulated bottles, coffee cups and food pots, you should look after them properly.

Water Tracker Bottles

The bottles that started a hydration revolution, our water tracker bottles should be cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up of bacteria – even if you’ve only filled them with water. Clean in warm, soapy water, avoiding harsh chemicals or cleansers containing chlorine. These bottles are not dishwasher safe and should also be kept away from suncream as this can affect your motivational design.

All our hydration tracker bottles come with a special brush that can be used to clean the straw. Use this every time to ensure your water is always fresh, clean and free from germs.


Insulated Bottles and Coffee Cups

These tough, sturdy bottles have a lot of hype to live up to. So long as you treat them well, they will do you proud. Remember to hand-wash only, using warm, soapy water that is free from bleach or chlorine and use one of our special straws for metal bottles to help you reach right into every crevice of your product, removing any liquid residue and ensuring you are free from bacteria.

These bottles are not suitable for microwave use or placing in the freezer, so ensure your drink is the right temperature before pouring it into your bottle. Make sure to throw away any drink in your insulated drinks bottle that has not been consumed within 30 hours and wash as soon as possible afterwards. Your coffee cups will keep your hot beverages warm for 18 hours, so empty and clean after this time.


Food Pots

Your everyday lunch hero should be treated with care so that it can continue carrying your gourmet meals for longer. If you intend to use your food pot for hot food, pre-heat it beforehand by filling it with boiling water for five minutes, remembering to put the lid on. After you have carefully poured the water away, it is ready to hold your meal. Heat is better retained if the pot is filled to the top.

When you have finished with your pot, hand-wash it as soon as possible afterwards, using warm, soapy water. Our food pots are not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use and should never be put in the freezer.


We suggest you hand-wash all of the HydrateM8 products before their first use, to ensure they are free from dust and to prepare them for everyday activity. Treat our products well and they will help you to do your bit for the environment, reducing the use of disposable plastics and keeping you hydrated and well-fed at all times!

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