How Important Is Water?


We understand the importance of water but we wouldn’t we?!?

Pretty much everyone understands that water is essential to life but it is only over the last few years that we are beginning to realise how valuable a resource it is. The reality is we need it for health, food, energy, transportation, nature, leisure, and more. It’s not just about drinking our daily intake, which is of course important, but the overall value of what water brings to the world we live in.

Some water truths for you:

– A huge 1.8 billion people still lack access to fresh water and 2.5 billion people are desperate for much improved sanitation.

– In 60% of the European cities. groundwater is being used much faster than it can be replenished.

– Less than 10 countries possess 60% of the world’s available freshwater supply.

We recently produced a blog on Water Facts We Guarantee Will Shock You, you can read it here to learn more stats you may not be aware of. The really bad news is these statistics are not getting any better. You would think that in 2016 there would be an improvement but sadly not.

As we address the ever increasing global challenges why is it that water is so essential?

Water is essential to health, social and economic development

  • Over 5,000 children die every day due to dirty water or poor hygiene.
  • Half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by people suffering water borne diseases.
  • Water-related diseases kill one child every 15 seconds.

It truly is shocking statistics! Without proper access lives are at risk and are lost on a day by day basis.

Water is essential to feed the world

  • 70% of the world’s water resources are needed for food production.
  • Producing food for the ever increasing world population will require 50% more freshwater.
  • The cup of coffee you drink each morning requires 140 litres of water.

What we eat is available due to water and as the years go by and population increases we will only need more.


Water is essential for agriculture and industry

  • Water is used to make pretty much every product on planet Earth. Therefore, it is not just us that depend on it but so does every business in some way shape or form.
  • After agriculture, industry is the second largest user of water.
  • Water, energy and food are intrinsically linked. We use water to produce energy and energy is needed to deliver the water we need to produce food. You can’t have one without the other.

We turn on our taps every day and we know what is going to happen but many don’t have the same privilege. Water really is essential to pretty much every part of life and the reality is we cannot live without it. Never take for granted what others don’t have.


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