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How can water help you stop smoking

By 08/10/2018February 16th, 2021No Comments

Trying to quit smoking for ‘Stoptober’?

Quitting smoking is far from easy, so you need all the help you can get. Whilst there are plenty of ‘stop smoking’ solutions on the market, there is one element you should not forget – water. It’s free and can have a profound effect on helping you stop. Stopping smoking does, of course, involve willpower, but make it easier on yourself and your pocket by using all the natural aids that you can.

Why stop?

So you enjoy a cigarette (or several) and even if you don’t smoke a lot, it does, over a period of time, seriously affect your body. Putting aside the serious diseases that it can cause, smoking has a peripheral affect on your body and if you are a long term smoker, the consequences do manifest themselves over a period of time.

Smoking causes dehydration – fact. For every 5 years that you smoke, your skin will age at least 7 years! Smoking also affects saliva production, decays teeth and causes gum disease. It will also have an effect on your nails and hair, as well as the obvious deterioration of your respiration abilities, your heart condition and organ degeneration.

How can water help you stop smoking?

There are numerous benefits that water can bring if you want to stop smoking. Water can delay the ageing process, particular in terms of healthy skin, nails and skeletal structure. Some attributes of drinking water to help stop smoking are:

  • Drinking adequate amounts of water will flush out the various toxins in your body much faster.
  • Prevents dehydration, keeping your skin, hair, nails and bones in good condition.
  • Increases saliva production, keeping your mouth cleaner and your general oral health in better condition.
  • Reduces ‘cravings’ – it is important to keep your mouth and hands ‘busy’. Drinking water will also reduce hunger pangs (some of which are also thirst cravings) and thus can also prevent weight gain from snacking. Keep a Hydratem8 bottle with you at all times, and sip regularly throughout the day.
  • Keep your brain active. Water is important to keep your brain in good working order, and to keep you alert throughout the day. Dehydration causes a foggy brain and lack of concentration. Keeping your concentration at its peak, will give you the willpower to continue your desire to stop smoking.
  • Dehydration can make you tired and lethargic. You are less likely to take the time to eat properly on healthy, hydrating foods and turn to snacks – often sugary or sweet. Drink up on plain water to keep up your enthusiasm.
  • If you choose vaping as an alternative, this may help in cutting out some of the toxins, but it has a negative effect on your mouth, nose and throat in terms of dehydration. If you cannot go ‘cold turkey’ on smoking, you definitely need to keep well hydrated. You will be more susceptible to illnesses such as sore throats and sinusitis as well as a very dry mouth.

Join in on ‘Stoptober’ and keep hydrated, it really does help.

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