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I have never been a lover of drinking water. My usual drink would be at least 2 litres or more of Pepsi Max each day.

On receiving both of my Hydratem8 trackers. I decided to challenge myself into drinking water and not purchasing any more Pepsi Max. I was kinda sceptical and thought I would have given up after day one…….today is day 20 and I am a changed woman! I absolutely love using my trackers and drinking water. I haven’t touched a drop of Pepsi Max either and my weight has dropped too, BONUS!!! Can’t wait to save up so I can purchase an insulated bottle for my car journeys.

If you haven’t got a Hydratem8 tracker yet, I highly recommend you purchase one, or ten. They are life changing!

Thank you Hydratem8 for helping to achieve the impossible in me and for totally transforming my life.

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