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Fiona Robertson

I was 24 stone and unhappy! Always tried different diets on and off trying new things and not really getting anywhere

My friend suggested this new bottle she had heard of the “hydratem8” so I had a little look, after having a look on the website I fell in love! “What a awesome looking bottle” was my first thought not thinking about if it could help me or not it looked cool and I wanted one!

So ordered myself a bottle. I total loved it! And after buying it I obviously started using it and discovered “wow! This actually works!!” Making sure you are drinking enough water not only makes you feel less hungry as you are hydrated but you feel good!

I use mine alongside calorie counting and it makes it so much easier staying on track as you don’t feel that hunger to snack as you are drinking what you need. So here I am nearly 6 stone lighter and still going! Thanks hydratem8 for helping keep me on track!

I would honestly recommend these to anyone and everyone! It’s helped me more than I can explain.

Fiona x

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