Festive Themed Drinks for Your Tracker Bottle and Beyond

If you fancy a change this year or want to impress friends and family with some really cool festive-themed drinks, then we’ve got just the thing for you. There are lots of drinks to choose from at Christmas and we understand that you might want to try something a little different to just water. These recipes are great for entertaining and taste like Christmas, too.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine

Mulled wine is a Christmas tradition but it’s not to everyone’s taste. This version is great for dinner parties and the kids can try it, too.

Add 500ml of pomegranate juice, 250ml of caster sugar, a handful of frozen blackberries and 250ml of apple juice to a saucepan. Throw in a cinnamon stick, star anise, 4 cloves, 3 black peppercorns and a quartered orange juice. Gently heat the mixture until it’s simmering. Have a taste before straining into some nice Christmassy mugs.

Mulled Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants, protecting you from many diseases. It’s been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and you can make it much more exciting with this festive theme.

Add 1 litre of water to a saucepan and add 1 tablespoon of dried rose petal, 4 cloves, 1 bay leaf, a cinnamon stick,2 nice handfuls of mixed frozen berries, one teaspoon of cranberry sauce and half an orange. Bring this mixture to the boil and remove from the heat. Throw in one green tea bag and steep for up to 3 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. Strain the mix and serve while still warm.

Pina Colada Mocktail

It’s one of the most popular cocktails but now you can make it without the alcohol, for all to enjoy and it’s super simple to make.

Put all the 400ml of chilled pineapple juice, chilled coconut milk drink, the juice of 1 lime and 4 teaspoons of icing sugar into a cocktail shaker. If you don’t have one, you can whisk all the ingredients together in a jug. Once mixed, pour into a litre bottle and chill in the fridge for up to a day.

Shake the bottle before serving and garnish your glasses with slices of lime. Delicious.

Alternative Christmas Snacks

You can even have a go at creating your own alternative festive snacks.

Devils on Horseback

You know what pigs in blankets are but they’re very salty and can make you thirsty. Devils on Horseback are prunes wrapped in bacon. The prunes are much more hydrating and the sodium content is lower, too.

Cheese and Pineapple sticks

You used to see these at every children’s party but the water in the pineapple helps to combat the saltiness of the cheese. Make your pineapple slices larger than the cheese for a fuller effect.

However, you choose to spend Christmas, making some small changes or swaps can be exciting and fun. Plus, they may even be a little healthier and many of your guests won’t notice the difference. Be sure to check for allergies or intolerances before serving these to your guests.

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