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I have never been a big water drinker, my wife nicknamed me the “Camel” as I can go for long periods without drinking any water at all, not even when I go for long walks or exercise do I drink a lot of water.

But lately, I have seen the damage to my health by not staying hydrated. I have started to have muscular pains in my legs, my immune system has weakened and my energy levels have plummeted.

That is why my wife has given me my first tracker bottle from Hydratem8.

Now, I am more aware of the amount of water I consume per day and I make an effort to hydrate myself more. In addition, I am helping the environment more because I have stopped buying disposable plastic bottles.

I recommend this bottle highly, it is very good quality, there is a wide variety of designs and every time you see it, it serves as a reminder that you should drink more water.

Esiquiel Coelho.

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