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My name is Emma and I am a physiotherapy student. Throughout the first peak of the pandemic, I had to choose whether to opt-in or opt-out of helping the NHS in my local hospital. I chose to opt-in. This meant long hours on COVID wards in hot temperatures with no air conditioning and wrapped up in tonnes of PPE.

When on the ward I wasn’t able to take my mask off to drink or even keep my bottle out which meant I was often forgetting to drink and getting really dehydrated. I was getting headaches and really struggling with fatigue getting through the day.

My hydratem8 bottle helped me so much, it reminded me every hour to go into the staff room and take a drink from my bottle rather than not drinking anything for hours. This helped so much, I was getting less headaches and feeling much more awake. This meant I was able to bring a much better quality of care to my patients and helped me to get through the peak of the pandemic remaining healthy and hydrated.

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