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Anyone who knows me knows I really struggle with my water intake, so when I saw the HydrateM8 water tracking bottles I just knew I needed to get it. Not only are their bottles super stylish with many designs to choose from, but they have a water tracker on the back! Making it soooo easy for me to keep an eye on my water intake and make sure I’m drinking enough. Since having this bottle it’s given me motivation to meet the hourly targets and make sure I’m staying super hydrated, which right now is so important to me while I’m breastfeeding.

I don’t need to tell you how many amazing benefits come from making sure your drinking enough water, whether your looking to improve your energy levels, get clearer skin, help with weight loss or boost your immune system, this tracker really helps to keep you motivated to reach your daily water goals. I am someone who suffers with Headaches due mostly to dehydration and since using this bottle I haven’t had a single one and have had soooo much more energy, which I need with having 5 children. I am also in love with the design, I chose this beautiful lilac colour and also have the matching insulated bottle aswell, both are beautiful. If your looking for a super motivational, amazingly made water bottle then do not hesitate to grab yourself one from HydrateM8.


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