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Sophia Handscomb

I need a water bottle that was big enough to take with me everywhere in my backpack but wasn’t a crumbled old evian bottle. Something that I could re use again and again and again! I also wanted something that would look good as I’m a blogger and I like to feature cool looking products on my instagram page – @trainedbyagirl

I thought my hydration was good but I was so wrong! I didn’t buy the bottle to monitor my hydration initially but once I saw that it did, it was just a massive bonus. It reminds me to drink every hour – which i wasn’t doing before. I feel way more hydrated than I ever have done.

I have just qualified as a personal trainer and I’m looking to build muscle now as I’ve reached my weight goals. Staying hydrated is key for muscle gains as you have to care for your body from the inside out.

I’ve upped my water intake by a whole bottle a day – it’s made me realise that I wasn’t drinking enough. I don’t wake up with headaches anymore!

I think that because the HydrateM8 bottle is the perfect size AND looks good you don’t want to leave it at home. You want to take it out and you want to keep it filled up. Its like a mini personal challenge everyday – its great.

Sophia Handscomb / @trainedbyagirl