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Richard Hillyer

What was the primary reason why you decided to buy a Hydratem8 product?

I’ve been looking for a convenient way to help me consume more water on a daily basis.

What was your hydration like before?

A few glasses of squash per day. Not great.

Did you have, or do you currently have, a particular health or fitness goal?

Yes id love to feel more comfortable in my body and keep my water intake up. My hydrate m8 comes with me everywhere now.

How has your Hydratem8 product helped you?

Hydrate m8 has helped increase my water consumption which makes me feel more alert and have more energy. Downside is more trips to the loo.

Is there anything else you’d like to add that would help other people understand the benefits of using a Hydratem8 product?

Fantastic product, well made. Just buy one and take your water intake seriously. Forget fizzy drinks and squash this is what your body needs. It’s easy to take with you and the carry handle is perfect.

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