Hydration Tracker Water Bottle Reviews

Lizzie Askham

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As someone who has Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and PCOS, I’m poorly 99% of the time. Add this to a full-time job and a full-time OU degree and I am one tired individual. I have no energy whatsoever, I barely sleep and that effects work and education massively.

My Dr told me that keeping hydrated is massively important when suffering from energy-zapping conditions. It keeps you focused, refreshed and gives you an energy boost.

The trouble is, I’m a nightmare for drinking water. I’ll fill up a bottle and within an hour I’ve had about 100ml of it and it’s gone all warm and rancid, so I won’t drink it. I forget it’s there and end the day with a headache and lack of energy.

So, I decided to look online for ways to make sure I remember to keep hydrated and found a link for a brand of water bottles. Hydratem8 sell bottles and food pots in lovely colours and one of their products is a hydration tracker bottle.

You drink throughout the day and certain points of the day are marked on the bottle, it’s like a schedule you want to keep up to and the motivational quotes are too cute (mine says ‘Be The Change’) I can’t tell HOW it makes me drink more water, but it just does and I feel so much less lethargic as a result. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m a little crackers and I don’t like hitting 3pm on my bottle and it’s 4pm: I want to be on the dot. I bought the Peach bottle, a lovely colour and bright for the summer.

However, hydration really is also important for your skin. Personally, I always end up with dry and tight skin as a result of medication and exhaustion I cannot wear makeup, meaning I always look pale and exhausted. Keeping hydrated has massively helped my skin, meaning it’s a lot more glowing and youthful. So my new bottle has helped with that, too.

The hydration tracker isn’t the only Hydratem8 product I purchased. I also bought an insulated water bottle in pastel colour Desert Mist. I only really drink tea or coffee at work or home, so I don’t need a travel mug but due to my stomach pains becoming massively worse, I hate getting up for a cup of tea, so I needed something that would keep it hot throughout the day and this definitely delivers. It really does keep your drink ice cold for up to 30 hours or hot for up to 18 and it’s brilliant. By far the best money I have ever spent on a bottle and I cannot wait to take it on holiday so that I can keep my water cold in the hot weather of Majorca.

Hot milk is a god send for someone with period-type pains: you can add in some cinnamon, honey, coffee or hot chocolate or just leave it plain. It settles your stomach, similar to a hot water bottle. Seriously. So I bought the bottle intending to use it for the whole day. It minimises the number of times you need to heat up your drink and it means you don’t have to gulp down a large amount of warm milk in one go, you can just sip it. So I feel massively more settled during the day.

Hydration is also massively important for those with bladder issues as a result of Endometriosis. If your bladder becomes affected by Endometriosis, it can cause issues such as painful and more frequent urination with symptoms similar to a water infection and it can cause blood in your urine. As with a water infection, keeping hydrated makes sure you keep going for a wee regularly and if you’re anything like me, it because less painful to go for a wee. Which is a bonus, really.

I never do reviews but with these I felt that I had to. It seems silly that two water bottles could help me with my medical condition but they times on the hydration tracker and the fact it keeps someone hot for 18 hours makes a massive difference to me. I just love the bottles and I love the fact that it’s helped with my determination to keep hydrated. I cannot rate them enough.

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