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Liya Hussey

What was the primary reason why you decided to buy a hydratem8 product?

I bought it to encourage me to drink more water and to have a cool looking bottle for the office.

What was your hydration/food habits like before hydratem8?

Non existent, I survived off tea/coffee and office snacks (mainly chocolate). I could go a day and just drink a small glass of water.

Did you have, or do you currently have, a particular health or fitness goal?

Yes improve my hydration by drinking at least 2L (or more) of water a day

How has your hydratem8 product helped you?

I especially love the tracker and can see where I am with my hydration throughout the day. I even have my work colleagues check my tracker and prompt if I’m behind with my water intake  😁. They’ve tried to steal my bottle several times!

Is there anything else you’d like to add that would help other people understand the benefits of using a hydratem8 product?

It’s very easy to forget to stay hydrated and drink water particularly if you take a lot of caffeine. I didn’t realise that my fatigue and lack of energy and headaches were linked To dehydration. The bottle is great as a constant reminder, easy to carry round and a great fashion accessory!

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