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Kayleigh Young

What was the primary reason why you decided to buy a Hydratem8 product?

I bought a hydrate m8 bottle to start with Because I wasn’t drinking enough water so i decided to get myself a decent bottle and after reading the reviews I wasn’t disappointed I take it everywhere with me. Also as a mum of two little kids under two it’s always handy to have especially as I breastfeed water is key to keep my supply up!

What was your hydration like before?

Before I had my bottle I was barely drinking a litre a day now I drink 2-3 litres day

Did you have, or do you currently have, a particular health or fitness goal?

I’m currently 7 weeks post c-section and I have a goal to lose 5stone now this year and to get back out doing exercise and being a healthy mum to my little ones

How has your Hydratem8 product helped you?

The bottle is really handy to have and has helped me, keep hydrated and get my milk supply up!

Is there anything else you’d like to add that would help other people understand the benefits of using a Hydratem8 product?

You will not be disappointed in buying this product I just have a basic one at the moment hoping to upgrade to a new bottle over the next month or so, I feel I have more energy now by drinking more water too.

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