Hydration Tracker Water Bottle Reviews

Ellie Pool

How has having my Hydratem8 changed my water consumption? Well quite simply, it’s made me drink water when I never used to. I was terrible and I mean truly awful at staying hydrated. I’d have a drink with breakfast and could go until the evening without another but now I have my Hydratem8, I drink at least a litre of water or weak squash a day and it’s made all the difference. I don’t feel as hungry all the time and don’t get super intense headaches all the time either. I love my pink Hydratem8 bottle and it’s made staying hydrated fun, easy and super affordable as I never need to buy water on the go as I fill my bottle up and take it with me everyday.

I recommend Hydratem8 to everyone I know and get so many compliments on my bottle. It makes me feel confident that I’m in control of staying hydrated at all times!

I’ve attached an image with my bottle!

Hope you like my story!

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