What was the primary reason why you decided to buy a Hydratem8 product?

I decided I needed to drink more water as I was getting lots of headaches and feeling a little lethargic so my friend told me that there was a bottle with the words ‘shredding for the wedding’ so as I am getting married next year I thought I had to but it!

What was your hydration like before?

I have always drunk water everyday but never 2L

Did you have, or do you currently have, a particular health or fitness goal?

My goal is just to be a few pounds lower for my wedding and to just feel generally fitter

How has your Hydratem8 product helped you?

I can now keep track of how much I drink and the timings on the bottle really help as well. I take my bottle everywhere I go so I make sure I am always on track!

Is there anything else you’d like to add that would help other people understand the benefits of using a Hydratem8 product?

If you want to feel healthier, less bloated and have better skin get a hydratem8 bottle so you can get your 2L in! They have such a variety of colours and slogans there is one for everyone!

Alice clough, insta name alicelou.xx

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