I bought the Hydratem8 upon recommendation and from the sheer practicality of what I saw when I looked on the website. I wanted to not only drank 2 litres of water per day, but do so gradually and could be consistent with my hydration.

My hydration before was sporadic and chaotic. Sometimes not drinking for hours and then guzzling 2 litres to compensate and not feeling good physically as a result. I am following a workout and nutrition course involving lifting heavy weights, doing cardio and eating a diet to support building muscle and losing excess body fat.

Using my HydrateM8 bottle has helped me change my mentality about drinking water and shown me the value of keeping myself hydrated. The physical and mental effects are extremely beneficial. I feel good. The bottle really motivates you to drink without overwhelming you as the timing increments are well spaced out and manageable.

Candice Fisher