Since 2017, we have worked with CoppaFeel! on different projects to help them raise money to help within their work.
We previously donated £4.99 from the sale of each of our CoppaFeel! branded bottles as well donating products to help on their annual treks that take place.

About CoppaFeel!:

CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity that educates young people on the importance of checking their boobs regularly and knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. CoppaFeel! was founded in October 2009 by Kris Hallenga who herself was misdiagnosed with breast cancer twice at the age of 23, and now lives with secondary breast cancer.

CoppaFeel! aims to stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer by ensuring that people know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, know what their boobs look and feel like normally, check their boobs regularly throughout their lifetime and have the confidence to seek medical referral when they detect abnormalities.

Currently 5% of diagnosed cases are already at stage IV with breast cancer being the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women under 30 in the UK (181 new cases diagnosed and 12 deaths annually). CoppaFeel! strives for a world where no one dies of breast cancer because of late detection or misdiagnosis. The charity receives no government funding and relies solely on voluntary donations.