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Charlie Fleetwood

So I have been using my HydrateM8 tracker bottle for almost a week now and have already noticed a HUGE difference.⁣

? My skin is a lot clearer & less dry.⁣
? I have a lot less water retention (I.e less bloated).⁣
? I’m not getting a headache everyday.⁣
? I’m not snacking on unnecessary foods as water is filling me up!

Although the bottle has time stamps on the reverse, it just goes to show that you do not need to be glugging and forcing yourself to drink loads so it starts feeling like a chore ?⁣ Just taking small sips here and there still helps you to reach your goal & the times are simply a great way to show if you’re on track or not ?⁣

Another thing I love about these is the straw, I think subconsciously it’s an easier way to sip throughout the day ?✨⁣



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