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Can water improve your sex life?

By 27/08/2018February 16th, 2021No Comments

Well you probably thought that you have heard all the benefits of water for your body, but it can help your sex life as well – honestly!

Based on the same principles as other beneficial effects of hydration, it is equally as important to drink adequate amounts of water. It won’t make you suddenly become some kind of vamp or stud, or help you think up more weird or wonderful sexual moves (but it does keep your brain active!), more so, it does have a physical effect on your body, and increase stamina, which in turn, will give you more pleasure between the sheets.

Our bodies are similar to engines – they need to be fed and well-oiled to make them work properly. So if you want to be like a high performance car with precision tooling you need to drink water! Here are 5 excellent reasons to drink more water and increase your libido.


Flexibility in your joints decreases as you get older, particularly if you don’t exercise much and prefer the comfort of your couch. Getting in the wrong position, or stiffness in your joints does not make regular sex enjoyable. You need to be supple for sure if you want to accomplish any risqué moves!

This is where water is your best friend as your joints need regular lubrication, which is gained by fluid intake (water is best). So drink up regularly throughout the day, particularly if you drink alcohol at any point or eat salty foods.

Muscle Strength

Around 75% of the composition of your muscles is water. You need to keep topping up your tissues to increase blood flow, otherwise, you won’t have any strength to perform to your full capacity. Topping up with water is necessary after any physical activity, particularly if your sex life is more like a marathon than a short stroll.

Drinking water also helps to prevent stiff and sore muscles and joints when you wake up, so top up!

Physical Attraction

Nobody wants to get into bed next to someone whose body is crusty like a piece of stale bread! Dried up skin, mouth, lips and even hair are not remotely attractive for sexual stimulation. Kissing would be unpleasant as would stroking or running your fingers through hair like a haystack. If you want a body like Venus or Adonis – drink more water to prevent being like a dried up prune!

Essential ‘body parts’

This is important for both the guys and the girls. Guys – you need water to keep your semen flowing, so as your sperm is fundamentally water-based, you need to keep it moving. Water is your answer. Girls – sexual activity can make you dry ‘down below’, so water is an essential and free way to lubricate. So, drink up! It’s a natural and convenient way. Likewise, keep your mouth clean and fresh and certainly not dry, it’s a passion killer!


Essential parts of your sex life. Water will help you physically by replenishing cells, but also mentally, by transporting more oxygen to the brain. A dehydrated body will produce stress hormones at such a rate of knots it will spoil everything for you. Testosterone (found in both female and male bodies) will be sent into a spiral of confusion that can result in erection problems, and also a lack of desire in both men and women. Women also need oestrogen and progesterone to complete their sexual libido profile. Again, water is the ‘go to’ answer to aid the functionality of your sexual organs.

Bet you never realised how your sex life could be affected by lack of water, but it’s all true. One final point about what should be one of the most loving and enjoyable practices in life. Sweat – no point in calling it a prettier or more ladylike name, it is simply sweat. Sexual activity produces more sweat than a stroll in the park, so you need to ensure your water intake is at optimum level. Not only that, proper hydration will even make your sweat less ‘smelly’ as a greater amount of water in your sweat results in fewer toxins that create that stale, nasty smell.

So many great reasons to drink up and enjoy sex to the full.



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