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Bob Yang

Over this last year, everyone in the National Health Service has been stepping up to tackle Covid-19.

Since getting my Hydratem8 tracker bottle, it has been a constant reminder to keep my hydration up throughout the day, which is more important than ever during this pandemic.

As our shifts gets increasingly more busy, it can be so easy to forget to look after your own health when all your focus is on the patient. Colleagues have done 8 to 10 hour shifts, intricately calculating the fluid balance of their sick patients,  ensuring they maintain good hydration in order to get better, yet by the end of the day, realise we have drunk barely any water themselves.

The hourly count and motivation phrases on my Hydratem8 bottle has been a helpful and fun way keep up my hydration levels throughout the day, and consequently it has also improved my energy levels and decreased my overall fatigue by the end of the shift.

Working for the NHS is such a privilege. I just want to end by reminding everyone that contrary to all the rumours, we have been and always will be here for you, pandemic or not, we are open for business.

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