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Becky Russell

Since buying my 2 bottles a couple of months ago, I have definitely increased my water intake. As a result if this the increased trips to the loo also make sure im moving more.

Im a senior Intensive Care Nurse and normally find it hard to remember to drink enough. These wondrous bottles help me to do that as I have a catch up session to get me back to the right amount helped by the time stamps on it. Nurses are renowned for obtaining things such as pens, tape and cool looking bottles but mine is safe as no one who try to ‘borrow’ such an amazing orange bottle. Im asked ‘where is it from’ quite a bit and always refer them to you. Ive also found that it withstands being dropped well thankfully.

At home my yellow bottle can always be found near me, the fact it doesn’t leak in my bag is amazing.

My bottle goes everywhere with me!

As part of slimming world i always tried to drink more but failed until now. I know that hydratem8 has definitely been the major factor in me drinking more and in turn feeling better, ive also noticed my skin is clearer ( never a bad thing).

I couldn’t just send you one picture of me and my bottle as they are so important to me so here is a little collage.

Thanks for coming into my life. I no longer need to buy bottles of water which is cost saving and more eco friendly as well.

Thanks again and heres to a long relationship

Becky Russell