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Becky Campbell

What was the primary reason for getting your product?

I wanted a water bottle that had a straw to start. And one that kept me going go i new what I was suppose to be drinking a day.

What was your hydration/food habits like before?

Really really bad I would have drank 2 cans of monster a day 🙈

Did you or do you have a particular health or fitness goal?

No not really just feel better with myself

How has your product helped?

Am drinking 2 bottles a day and no cans of monster so that’s defo helped

Is there anything else you would like to add to help people understand the benefits of using a HydrateM8 product?

If your trying to diet or get more fluids in this has defo helped me 150% I would have never picked up a bottle of water in a shop but now I don’t need to cause I always have my HydrateM8 with me 😍

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