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April Williams

I decided to buy a hydratem8 because I saw my friend, who is a nurse, with hers and thought it was a perfect idea! As a primary teacher I am always on my feet, rushing around the classroom and would sometimes go a whole day without a drink. I then bought my hydratem8 and couldn’t believe how life changing it was. I enjoyed drinking it and once I bought my partner teacher one we began getting ‘water envy’ which involved getting jealous when the other person had drunk more!

From this I purchased one for my two sisters and a friend and they again couldn’t believe how great the bottle was. Teachers at school began to comment on our bottles and after telling them where to go to get theirs before long almost all of the staff at our Croydon based school had got their own. In addition to this, as we are an Academy school we work closely with partner schools and once teachers their saw our bottles they continued the trend.

As a keen gym goer the bottle has also saved me money from constantly buying bottles at the gym and it is much easier to drink than other bottles as you don’t need to tilt it. IT IS PERFECT!

I now have yellow and pink as my friend bought two so I wanted two.. My parents have also expressed an interest and so this will be their Christmas presents. Therefore, I feel they are perfect for any age group. Life changing bottles!

April Williams