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I absolutely love my HydrateM8 Tracker Bottle, it’s been an absolute game-changer for me!

usually just drink tea or coffee all day and feel pretty dehydrated and gross by midday, realising I need water (and urgently!). But drinking water always felt like a chore, and I never knew how much I was meant to be drinking so I’d quickly down two glasses to feel better and call it a day (still not really enough!). However, since getting the Tracker Bottle I’ve drunk the correct amount of water daily and sometimes even gone ‘over’ it.

The bottle makes it so easy to figure out how much I’m meant to have, with times of the day written on the side, and makes it almost like a fun competition with myself to see if I can ‘hit my target’ so to speak. I feel much better and less sluggish now I’m working from home and have my Tracker Bottle on my desk next to me! 100% recommend.


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