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In October last year I became very ill for 6 weeks, I finally got an MMR, chest scans and blood tests after about 6 different types of antibiotics! They finally found out I had serious blood clots on my lungs as well as glangalafever. Id only just turned 18 so this was a taken very seriously and an investigation started to how I had got these blood clots. The hospital put me on blood thinners and nearly every month I had to go do more tests and scans. My fitness dropped as the blood thinners pretty much killed my immune system, I was struggerling to walk even up one flight of stairs without having to sit down for 5 minutes and rest.

Since buying me and my colleague a bottle I have had so much more energy! My skin has cleared up, my teeth have become much whiter (I used to always drink fizzy drinks at work- I have now replaced this with water) and I also feel less bloated! This bottle has really helped me as it has given me motivation to be more healthier and I love the timings and quotes!

On my last consultation the hospital had informed me that the blood clots had gone and that was down to my good health! I’m so thankful to hydrate m8 as I think if it hadn’t of given me that extra push and motivation I would still be having problems with my lungs!

Alice Kearney