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5 Coffee Hacks for Homeschool Parents

coffee hacks

Tips on Surviving Lockdown with Great Coffee

Lockdown might be a right royal pain in the proverbial when it comes to being able to just pop to your favourite coffee house for a brew, but the name of the game during Covid-19 times is adaptability.

It’s not like we can’t have a decent coffee at home. We’ve just got out of practice, relying on Baristas to make it for us, whilst we catch up with friends. There is actually something quite satisfying about doing it yourself. During lockdown we have had to become more self-sufficient, more frugal, more sustainable and with it has come a sense of pride and satisfaction. I won’t go as far as saying it’s the Good Life, purely because of the underlying sombre tone that we are desperately trying to ignore, but we aren’t far off.

If you can’t do without at least one coffee to kickstart your day, here are some tips to make your coffee as enjoyable as that from your favourite coffee house:

Ditch the instant stuff

We’ve probably all got a jar of bog-standard instant coffee in the back of the cupboard for emergencies. Don’t resort to drinking it – you’re better than that. If you don’t have a fancy coffee machine, a cafetiere is probably the simplest way of making a pot of coffee, without much fuss and bother. You can also experiment with different beans from around the world. Buy ground coffee in an array of flavours and strengths and find the one the hits the spot.

Pimp up your coffee

Again, if you don’t have a coffee machine or a fancy whisk to froth the milk (assuming you take it white), you can make a decent cappuccino by popping a third of a cup of milk in the microwave for a minute and pouring it straight into your freshly made coffee. Go one better by making your own stencils out of card, with fun shapes and then sprinkle chocolate or cinnamon over the top, for a fancy topping.

We have some great coffee recipes you can try!

Invest in a coffee machine

My coffee machine is one of the best investments I have made. Granted a decent coffee machine isn’t cheap, but it’s the next best thing to a real Barista, largely because you can just switch it on and let it do its thing. The coffee also tastes great, as good as a coffee shop coffee. The downside is that they need filling and cleaning here and there and if you drink coffee like I do, the refills disappear rather quickly.

Teach your kids to make coffee

If you have children, you will undoubtedly be feeling the pressures of home-schooling. Not only is this a legitimate reason for needing an unlimited supply of super strong coffee, it’s also a chance to get your kids to learn how to make a brew. Lessons needn’t always be about academic stuff. Bring back home economics!

Enjoy your coffee on the go

One of the loveliest things about having coffee is grabbing one to go. But just because the coffee shops are closed, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an alfresco Americano! Take a coffee with you on your daily stint of exercise and enjoy it while you stroll. Pick a vessel that’ll keep your coffee warm for hours. Our reusable coffee cups are insulated and have a pop-up lid that can be operated with one hand.

So, there you go, no excuses for not being able to enjoy your favourite brew in style. They may have taken away our freedom, but they can never take away our love of coffee!

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